What Would Make Your PregnaNcy Amazing?

Maybe we can find out together.

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I'm Pregnant - What Do I Do Now?

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I had a mix of feelings.  I had so many questions, so much I felt that I didn’t know.  I was afraid that the things I didn’t know might harm this little life that was now growing inside me.  As I read books to learn more (my oldest is 19 now, so this was – ahem – a few years ago), I sometimes found myself more confused instead of less, with more questions than I was finding answers.  I always had the nagging feeling that maybe I had missed something, and it was hard to feel confident in my decisions.

Fast forward to today – information is everywhere, with so many different sides trying to convince us that their way is best. Mommy shaming has become commonplace, and it erodes at the confidence we could be building as new mothers.

Maybe you also have some health problems that are complicating your pregnancy. Or you would like some solutions to help make that morning sickness, constipation, or back pain more bearable or even – do you dare think it? – go away.

The Possibilities of Pregnancy...

What if you could have a guide who, instead of telling you what you should do, would present choices in easy-to-understand ways, help you understand what each option would mean, and completely support whatever choices you make?  What if some of those options include ways to feel better and be healthier, reducing common pregnancy symptoms to an annoyance instead of interfering with your life?  What if that guide would be there if something unexpected happens, helping you understand what is going on and what choices you might not realize you have? And what if that guide, and possibly an entire community, encouraged and supported you being who you are, as you are, making the choices that are best for you?

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m Melinda Delisle, also known as Melinda Delisle-Clark. I help pregnant women and moms be healthier, feel confident, and find their inner strength so we can not only be great for our families, but also have the life we want being our best selves. I take a non-judgmental approach – I believe the only person who knows the right options for you is YOU.

I started teaching childbirth classes in 2000, just before my second son was born.  I am Lamaze certified, Bradley Method and DONA trained, and am currently pursuing a Masters in Human Nutrition.  I love figuring out how to solve problems, especially when it comes to making pregnancy and parenting better for all of us.

Since I started teaching, I have helped hundreds of women have healthier, more fulfilling pregnancies and births on their terms.  I would honored to be part of your journey as well.

Melinda Delisle-Clark headshot

Melinda Delisle, LCCE​​

Healthy Pregnancy Coach, Childbirth Educator, Author

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What Other Women have Said

Quotes from women I have worked with
hapy mom and newborn after giving birth
Lisa D., 2 Previous Preterm Births

“I’m really convinced that your nutrition suggestions let me go full term with this pregnancy.”

Happy family with newborn
Jenny D., First Time Mom

“Your information helped prepare my mind and body for Elsie’s birth. Thank you.”

How Can I Help You Have a Great Pregnancy?

I would like to invite you to join me – or maybe I should ask if you will allow me the privilege of joining you – on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to becoming a mother, or growing as the mother you already are.  Like everything I would present to you, you have options to pick from:

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1-on-1 Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy Coaching begins when it suits your schedule.

What Will You Get with Coaching?

  • 45-minute Introductory call** to help me get to know you.
  • 1 or 2 (depending on plan selected) 55-minute coaching calls* per month.
  • Weekly email check-ins on weeks without a live call.
  • Personalized weekly recommendations to help you feel healthier and more confident, and support your decisions.
  • Diet, habit, and symptom trackers to help us learn what areas might need attention.
  • Electronic or print copy of the Pocket Pregnancy Guide series (beta version).
  • Availability for urgent questions if something unexpected occurs.

**Calls may be done as video chats if desired.  Atlanta area clients have the option of doing in-person sessions in Roswell.

Confident Pregnancy Course & Community

The Confident Pregnancy Course and Facebook community begins June 10.

What Will You Get in the Course?

  • Welcome Questionnaire to help me get to know you.
  • Recommended “personal focus areas” based on your questionnaire.
  • 12 weeks of lessons in 
  • Weekly group pregnancy topics with assignment options – choose to do some, none, or all assignments for each topic.
  • Private Facebook group for program members only.
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q & A sessions.
  • Answers from me on many posts in the Facebook group.
  • Diet, habit, and symptom trackers to help you learn what areas might need attention.
  • Monthly questionnaire submission and review, with updated “personal focus areas.”
  • Electronic copy of the Pocket Pregnancy Guide series (beta version).


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